Start a Workplace Campaign


Sometimes you do not have to look far to find partners who share the same energy around building strong communities. It could be someone right there in the next office, or cubicle, or workstation.  When you start a United Way Pitt workplace campaign, you will bring together people who already know how to work together. You will be taking teamwork and collaboration to a whole new place.

To the community that needs you. Every company has a mission statement, corporate social responsibility position, or culture of supporting community initiatives. This can add impact to yours. Small businesses. Major corporations. Nonprofits. Whatever the size or focus of your organization, United Way of Pitt County will partner with you to develop a customized campaign that aligns with your corporate values and the interests of your employees. Your time, energy, and donations will directly target efforts to create lasting change in our community.   

Connect with James Earl Jones and committed leadership volunteers, who will help get you up and running, and assist you on your way to a winning campaign.  Email James Earl Jones or call 252-758-1604 ext 209 to get started.

Check out Campaign Tools for guides, marketing collateral, and more campaign tools.